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About the Film

The life of the Artinian family of Long Island was chronicled in the Academy Award nominated film "Sound and Fury " that came out in 2000.

"Sound and Fury Six Years Later" is another engaging look at this extraordinary family in the years since their first movie captured audiences around the world.

"Sound and Fury" ended with 6-year-old Heather's family deciding not to give her the cochlear implant. With the family painfully divided over this issue, Heather's parents decided to move their family to a deaf community to bring their kids up in the signing deaf world.

In this stand-alone follow up film we learn that Heather finally did get the implant at 9 years old, as did her 2 younger brothers, her mother, her deaf aunt and her 2 deaf cousins.  Now 12, Heather is the only deaf child in her mainstream school. She takes classes with everyone else, plays basketball and volleyball, stays near the top of her class and is popular with her hearing peers.

Heather's speech is understandable and she delights in her speaking ability and communication skills.

We see that Heather is growing and learning through lip reading and speech but she glides smoothly between the hearing world she is now a part of and the signing deaf world of her parents. We learn how Heather's parents changed their minds, moved back to Long Island and re-joined their family. Heather's father, who was so resistant to the implant in "Sound & Fury," talks about how, with observation and education, he has learned how useful the implant can be for his children and how glad he is they have it.

This resilient family is a remarkable testament to family devotion, tireless responsibility to children and enduring love.

Total Running Time: 29 minutes

Produced and Directed by Josh Aronson
Edited by Sakae Ishikawa
Photography by Brett Wiley
Original Music by David Jones

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